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Pushing women
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For every African
woman in tech

We're a network of women, for all women hoping to grow their knowledge and engage in the tech space. We want to motivate, push and empower you through a vast community of ladies helping ladies!

Our vision is to become the number one sought after community of vibrant, creative and innovative ladies in the tech space.

Our mission is to bridge the gap between tech aspirers and the actual representation of ladies in tech companies across the world. We plan to do this by raising self confident women who are self aware and who have a fighting chance to compete favorably in the tech ecosystem.

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Our focus is on newbies seeking a career path in tech, career switchers hoping to start a new tech career, ladies seeking a deeper meaning in life but don't know how or where to start, ladies already in tech seeking to connect and create something awesome, and ladies already in tech willing to nurture others.

Prerequisite: Have the Slack application. If you don't have the Slack application, get the app on Android or Apple and create an account.

Ladies Let's Learn

Mentorship is priority for us. We believe being a guide to women who are just starting is an extremely strong way to facilitate their growth. Our Cohort I mentorship scheme ran from March through July 2021 and aimed at women between the ages of 16 and 30. If you fall into this category, stay tuned for all updates!

Our podcast will feature a series of insightful conversations from women who are breaking barriers in tech in their own individual ways. This will hopefully inspire and motivate other women to push forward, believe in themselves, and conquer all sterotypes.

Until then, watch this space!

Ladies Let's Talk

Coming Soon!

The LadiesDoTech Team

Leadership Team - Web3Ladies

We come to LadiesDoTech every day with one question on our minds - How can we build an ideal tech lady?

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