Our Mentorship Program - Cohort II

Web2 Track

This is an introduction to web development for ladies WITHOUT programming knowledge. In this course, we will be introducing Web2(HTML, CSS, JavaScript), other basic programming skills, and also an introduction to Blockchain. Registration is open to everyone interested in coding.


Web3 Track

This track is for Blockchain Development, Web2 knowledge, and basics of Blockchain is a prerequisite. This course is for developers, it will be focusing on learning smart contracts and building web3 projects. Registration is open to all female web2 developers.


Crypto/Defi Track

Crypto trading/Defi is for ladies who are looking to have a deeper understanding or start a career in Decentralized Finance/Crypto Trading. This course is open to all ladies


Product Management Track

This is a Product Management course for beginners. The only requirement for this track is the zeal to learn. Registration is open to all interested ladies interested in learning Product Management.