Mentorship Program - Cohort III

The mentorship program is a three-month-long virtual online training program. Below are the outlined tracks for cohort III.

Web2 Track

This course will set you on the path of web development by teaching you the essentials of web development in a project-based learning environment. It is an introductory course that focuses on teaching students the fundamentals of programming such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other related skills and tools, allowing you to master numerous strategies, tools, and programming skills to build and maintain web applications.
Ladies interested in starting a career in tech should register for this course.


Web3 Track

This track focuses on Blockchain development. This course is for developers who want to transition/learn about smart contracts and how to build web3 projects.
This course will teach you the skills needed to become a blockchain developer in a practical-based learning environment. It is required that you are an experienced web developer, you will learn from the basics of blockchain to building real-life decentralized applications (DApps). The application is open to all ladies interested in starting a career in web3.


UI/UX Track

This course is designed to introduce students to the theory and practice of user experience and interface design for digital platforms. Through a hands-on project-based learning approach, you will learn about the importance of user interface design. Registration is open to all females interested in learning UI/UX.


Product Management Track

This is a beginners’ product management course. This course is for aspiring product managers who want to pursue a career in product management and related fields. The sole prerequisite for this track is the desire to learn. All women interested in learning about product management should register for this course. Registration is open to all ladies that want to start a career in product management.